Whether you are a stylist or want to achieve runway-worthy looks from home, shop Davines for a vast array of products to suit any hair type and desired look.



Each family in our reformulated Essential Haircare line contains a specific characteristic and function: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protecting, elasticity, smoothness and daily care. All products are enriched with active ingredients sourced from Slow Food Presidia farms in Italy to contribute to the biodiversity of our planet.



Innovative permanent cream-based colouring system using Vibrachrom™ technology that is unprecedented in the cosmetics world, giving hair intense conditioning power and extraordinarily shiny, long-lasting colour, by penetrating more evenly into the hair structure. Flexible, easy-to-use system with low ammonia smell ideal for covering white hair, reflect changing, darkening or lightening up to three levels. PPD and parabens free



View is the first Davines demi-permanent colour line. It’s very delicate and non-committing, since it doesn’t interfere with the hair structure and the colour vanishes in 6-8 weeks (or 15-20 shampoos).
View Colours Features:
Acidic pH – It reduces the risk of hair breakage and guarantees extreme shine.
Natural polyglicerols – extracted from olive oil and never before used in the world of hair colour, they’re able to provide extreme shine, moisture and softness to the hair.



This brush will never leave you feeling "blue" about your tangles.

A toast to no tangles with the ever so elegant Champagne brush.

Everyone needs a little black brush ;)

Tangles don't Reign on my parade with this bold purple brush.

  • Effortlessly detangles the most stubborn of knots.

  • Works on wet or dry hair.

  • Fantastic for all hair types - extension and wig friendly.

  • Not for use with blow dryer.

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Semi permanent:16 Vibrant and Pastel  Semi-Permanent Colors that are easier to apply, more vibrant, lasts longer, and fades better.

Neon Electric: Same amazing benefits and performance of original 16 shades and are UV reactive.

Barcelona: The best purple shampoo for canceling out unwanted yellow tones and keeping you the perfect blonde all year long.

Bangkok & Tokyo: Whether they’re natural or creative, extend the life of all your colors with Bangkok color safe shampoo and Tokyo color preserving conditioner.

Berlin: Cleanse, refresh & revitalize anywhere and anytime between shampoos.


b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a breakthrough professional tool clinically shown to penetrate the cortex of the hair, and proven to reattach the bonds that are broken during all color services by utilizing an anhydrous delivery system and specifically engineered co-polymer to dramatically reduce damage while improving color retention with no change to developer and no added processing time.

Damage results from a combination of many factors; not just from chemical services, daily styling, or environmental stress. When hair is colored or lightened, the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are broken so that color can either be deposited or in the case of lightening, removed. As the cellular membrane complex comes back together, many of these crucial bonds no longer fuse, leading to the rapid deterioration of the cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair.

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder works at the cellular level, targeting and repairing the broken and compromised bonds that cause hair to break over time without hindering or altering the coloring process.

Mixing b3 Brazilian Bond Builder into all color formulations effectively helps to restore the integrity of the hair. The result is a dramatic reduction in breakage during color services for hair that is noticeably healthier and more resilient, and color that is more vibrant and longer-lasting immediately following and between appointments.


b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner is an innovative professional salon service that provides intensive repair and longterm conditioning for extremely dry, very damaged and chemically treated hair for up to 12 washes.

B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner Is Specifically Formulated For Use With B3 Brazilian Bond Builder To Penetrate The Hair And Fuse Amino Acids To Weakened And Compromised Fibers Through The Use Of A Breakthrough Bond Building Technology. This Technological Advancement Reconstructs And Strengthens The Hair From Within While Helping To Resurface And Seal The Cuticle, Preventing Moisture Loss And Protecting Against Heat And Mechanical Styling As Well As Future Damage.


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Bond Multiplier

This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

Bond Perfector

Our second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

Hair Perfector

Dramatically improve hair health, texture, and strength with our at-home bond building treatment.

Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Repair bonds while gently cleansing all types of hair. Impart moisture, strength, and manageability with every wash.

Bond Maintenance  Conditioner

Restores, repairs, and hydrates without adding excess weight. Eliminates damaged frizz for strong, healthy, shiny hair.

Bond Smoother

A leave-in reparative styling creme eliminates frizz, hydrates, and protects all hair types.


Keratin smoothing treatment

A unique formula of Brazilian Keratin, Acai, Cocoa Seed Butter, Amino Acids and  Super Hair Nutrients help improve the overall condition of the hair.

The results: stronger hair shafts, smoother cuticles, less frizz and a luxurious radiant shine.

Color “pops” as the cuticle is sealed with moisture.

Blow-drying time is cut to 1/3 of the usual time. A blow-dry that once took 30 minutes is now complete in just 10!

It washes out the same day in the salon, with no down time.

It gives radiant shine.

Strengthens the cuticle.

Eliminates Frizz

Improves the health by protecting the cuticle.

Reduces blow-dry and styling time.

Protects against heat damage from styling.

Prevents split ends and breakage; therefore, promoting growth.

Special formulation of minimal chemicals to give maximum results.